General Investigation

The most popular types of case we deal with for the general public are matrimonial or relationship matters, dealt with by either surveillance or field investigation. Our field investigations start from £149 and we will provide a secure email address for your documents, and discreet payment method if required.

Our other most common services are investigating insurance claims and carrying out background checks.

Please see the specific pages in our Services listings to obtain full details, or better still, call us for free help and advice on any case you are considering.

We are always happy to chat through your concerns/needs so that you can make an informed decision, and to put you in a position of strength before making it.

We also encounter many other types of investigation and some of which do not fall into any specific category listed in our other services.

Whether it be personal or business, we are here to offer a professional opinion and if we are not able to help, we will refer you to someone who can.

All initial consultations are free and without commitment, so again, we would welcome a call to discuss any potential case you may be considering.