Whether the client is a private individual or a large company, surveillance is a very sensitive subject and we treat it as such. There are many reasons surveillance may be instructed towards a person or business and our aim is to proactively carry out the instruction and obtain the required information while ensuring the process remains undetected.


Common reasons for a person to require surveillance are cheating or suspicious partners, concerns about a family member or their partners, and suspicions about potential partners.


We advise clients to choose carefully when selecting a surveillance supplier due to the fact that there are many unethical and inexperienced/under-equipped operators in the market who risk either making the subject aware of their presence (and therefore compromising the client), or even breaking the law in obtaining information.


At CIS we will ensure that the best techniques, knowledge, and equipment are employed to ensure that the most discreet and high quality service is carried out. Many of our agents are either ex-military, or trained to the same level.


You will receive a detailed report with our findings, including photographic evidence, and if required, a free follow-up call from your personal investigator.


Our services include, but are not limited to:


  • Static Observation
  • Mobile Surveillance
  • Mobile Tracking Device
  • Technical Surveillance/Observation


We offer a standard or bespoke service, anywhere in the UK, to suit the particular needs of the client as required.


Please call us for free help and advice on any case you are considering.